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Driver File Name sp38209.exe
Device Type HP Compaq Blade Workstation Client USB Key Image Recovery
media Type Electronic
File Description
This package contains the tools and image needed to restore or replace the operating system image on the HP Compaq Blade Workstation Client running the HP Blade Workstation Client Embedded (OEM) Operating System.NOTE: The image contained in this package must be deployed on a 256-MB drive key (or larger) using the dskimg32 tool included in this package.For information about the HP Blade Workstation Client series and the features provided by Embedded Operating System (OS) Version 9.45, see the document titled "HP Blade Workstation Client series - Embedded OS Version 9.xx," which is available from any of the following websites:www.hp.com/support/bwclient_manualswww.hp.com/support/dc72_manualswww.hp.com/support/dc73_manuals
Release Date Jan 04, 2008
Update Date Feb 13, 2013
Version 09.45 Rev. A
OS: Workstation Blade Client etc..
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