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sp1070.zip driver file free for hp

Driver File Name sp1070.zip
Device Type QVision 1024 and 1280 Display Drivers
media Type Electronic
File Description This contains the latest QVision drivers,
Release Date Jan 05, 1995
Update Date Mar 16, 2007
Version 1.05 A
OS: Windows NT etc..
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1. After downloading the SoftPaq, copy it to an empty directory on your hard drive and change to that directory. If downloaded in zipped format (.ZIP), unzip the file to create an executable: PKUNZIP SP10702. From that drive and directory, execute the SoftPaq file to unbind the primary files: SP1070 [ENTER]The following files should be created: INSTALL.BAT QV.DBG QV.SYSQV256.DBGQV256.DLLSP1070.DOC3. You can update your current Windows NT 3.1 QVision drivers directly from this directory by running the batch file INSTALL from a Windows NT command prompt: INSTALL [ENTER]4. This batch file copies the file QV256.DLL into the C:winnt35system32 directory and the file QV.SYS into the C:winnt35system32drivers directory. Your current miniport and display drivers are saved as QV.SAV and QV256.SAV before the updated drivers are copied.
Resolves a possible system lockup problem.
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