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Driver File Name sp16853.exe
Device Type Notebooks Hitachi DK23CA-xx Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility Version A0J2
media Type Electronic
File Description This SoftPaq contains the Hitachi DK23CA-xx Hard Drive Firmware Update Utility, Version A0J2, which includes the files necessary to create either a bootable diskette or a bootable CD to be used with the notebook models listed below.NOTE: This Softpaq contains the same firmware version that was released previously in Softpaq SP23846. This Softpaq contains changes that allow it to run on affected HP Omnibook and Pavilion notebooks as well as Compaq Armada and Evo brands.
Release Date Mar 08, 2001
Update Date Mar 16, 2007
Version 2.00 A
OS: Windows 98 etc..
Real Download Link ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp16501-17000/sp16853.exe
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