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Driver File Name sp1729.exe
Device Type Compaq QVision and AVGA Support for Windows 95
media Type Electronic
File Description This software provides support for the Compaq QVision graphics controller, Compaq QVision/P graphics controller, and Compaq AVGA (Advanced Video Graphics Adapter) graphics controller in a Microsoft Windows 95 environment.To find out if your computer has one of the abovementioned graphics controllers, open the Windows 95 Control Panel and double-click the "System" icon. In the "System Properties" dialog choose the "Device Manager" tab, make sure that "View devices by type" is checked, then click the plus symbol ("+") next to "Display adapters". The name of the graphics adapter used by your computer will appear beneath the "Display adapters" node on the device tree.
Release Date Nov 06, 1995
Update Date Dec 15, 2009
Version 1.11 A
OS: Windows 95 etc..
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1. Obtain 3 formatted 1.44-MB diskettes.2. Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive and change to that directory. The file that is downloaded is SP3244.EXE.3. From that drive and directory, execute the SoftPaq file: SP3244 [ENTER]. You will be prompted to place the formatted 1.44 MB diskettes into a diskette drive to create the diskettes.4. After the diskettes are created, you may delete the downloaded file SP3244.EXE if you wish.5. Refer to the README.TXT file on Diskette #1 for complete installation instructions for all three diskettes.6. Place Diskette #1 into drive a:. In Windows 95, select Start, Run, then enter: a:install
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